Louth Documentation

 Census of Louth

1602 First Census of the Fews

1821 Census of Ardee & Dundalk Town

1901 Census Records for County Louth 


Directories of Louth

1852 Thoms Directory of County Louth

1931 Trade Directory for County Louth 


Military Records of Louth

1804 Drogheda Militiamen & 1806 Recruits


Other County Louth Genealogy Records

1641 Depositions, Index of Names in County Louth

1654 Down Survey

1834 Official Authorities of County Louth 

The following can be found here.

1707 Arrears of Rent Dundalk and Drogheda

1761 Louth Militia Officers

1767 Petition against Thomas Hughes, Inn-keeper, Dundalk

1794 Blaney Balfour Approbation

1798 Justices of the Peace

1804 Louth Subscribers to Rev Neilson's Book of Greek Exercises 1804

1815 Louth Convicts Awaiting Transportation Summer

1837 Drogheda & Dundalk Spirit Licence Holders

1890 Dulargy New Schools

1767 Petition to Stephen Sibthorpe, Co. Louth Parliamentarian

1795 Ralph Smyth (Drogheda) Approbation

1891 Lady Constance Bellingham Memorial Subscription

1922 Louth County Councillors

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