Nicknames for forenames:

Bartly, Bartel, Bat - Bartholomew

Bridget - Delia, Brid, Bedelia, Brigitta, Bridie, Brita, Brydie, Brighid

Cassie - Catherine

Catherine - Caitlin, Cathleen, Catriona, Karen, Karina, Kathleen, Kathryn, Cathy, Kate, Kathy, Katie, Kay, Kit, Kitty, Katharos

Charles - Cormac, Carolus

Con, Neilly - Cornelius

Criddy - Christian

Elizabeth - Sheila

Eoghan - Owen

Hanora - Johanna

Helen - Eileen, Elaine, Eleanor, Ellen, Helena, Helene, Nell, Nellie, Nelly

Honor, Honoria, Norah, Noey, Onny - Hanorah

James - Jacob, Jacobus, Seamus

Jeremiah - Dermot, Demetrius, Diarmuid, Darby

Joan - Jane, Siobhan

Johanna - Josie

John - Johannes, Joannes, Ioannes, Sean (Irish), Owen (Scottish)

Jugge - Judith

Lack, Lacky - Laughlin

Linda - Lynda, Lyn, Lynn, Lynne, Lindy, Lindi

Louie - Lucinda, Ludovicus

Margaret - Margery, Margo, Marguerite, Marjorie, Magan, Rita, Madge, Maggie, Maisie, May, Meg, Peg, Peggy, Margaron

Mary - Maria, Maura, Maire, Maureen (younger Maura)

Mundy - Redmond

Nancy, Nanny, Nano - Anne

Nappy - Penelope

Petrus - Peter 

Polly, Molly - Mary

Rody, Rory - Roderick

Shibby - Isabella

Sia - Cecilia

Saoirse - pronounced Sersha - female for George 

Tatty - Clotworthy

Thaddeus - Timothy

Names ending in 'een' mean young or small

Names with og with an accent over o means young; Seanog = young Sean

Link to a website with more nicknames.

Latin translations:

Jacobum or Jacobus = James

Gulielma = William

Brigidam = Bridget

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Girls names:

Barbara – Gormladh (pronounced "Gurm-la").
Elizabeth – Sibeal (pronounced "Sybil").
Grace – Gráinne (pronounced "Grawn-ya").
Jane/Janet – Sinéad (pronounced "Shin-ade").
Joan/Joanna – Siobhán (pronounced "Shiv-awn").
Margaret – Mairéad (pronounced "Mor-ade").

Patricia - Pat, Patsy, Tricia, Trish, Pádraigín and Patrice

Boys names:
Charles – Cathal (pronounced "Caw-hal"). This also gives us the surname Cahill. 

Daniel – Domhnall/Dónal (pronounced "Dough-nal"). This also gives us the surnames McDonnell and O'Donnell. Think of "Daniel O'Donnell".
Dermot – Diarmuid (pronounced "dear-mid").
James – Séamus (pronounced "Shay-mus") - often Shay for short.
 - Pádraig, Páraic, Paudie, Padge, Pauric, Podge, Pat, Paddy, Patsy and Pa

Terrence/Terry – Turlough (pronounced "Tur-lock")

Timothy – Tadhg (pronounced "tie-g").

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