The Scribes Challenge by Dara Tolbert Brooks, M. Ed.

Each of us has an opportunity to participate in life. I choose to not just show up, but to jump in. Rather than ask why something doesn’t exist I see making it happen as a path to personal growth. That is why I developed the Scribes Writing Group.

The very act of writing about our research findings in story form helps to appreciate that these were living, breathing people who loved and felt pain. It is also a means of honing our research skills through collaboration. The wonderful by-products are that we develop lasting relationships and create a body of work easily shared.

I challenge each and every one of my fellow GSSFL members to find a path to growth that brings you joy coupled with enthusiasm and allows you to pass on your legacy and share your skills.


Many of us have been identifying and researching our ancestors for years, some with great success.  During this process we have made great discoveries about resources, processes and go-to people.  Along the way we have grown and had a number of "ahahas" that allowed us to connect the dots.  When these wonderful things happen, we look for someone to share them with who truly understands.

This SIG is designed to help you reach into your heart and soul and share with others who understand "your journey" as you pursue the lives of your ancestors.  Sharing is done in the form of a writing response (3 pages maximum) to a predetermined topic that is read out loud to the other participants present.  Participants are encouraged to attend even if they do not have writing skills.  The beauty of these sessions is the encouragement gained from others.

The sharing allows participants access to new ideas and techniques; different perspectives; additional ways to evaluate evidence; and most of all an opportunity to share.  The topics are designed to help participants get their thoughts organized; nudge participants out of their comfort zone; stimulate thoughts that may help those wishing to write their family histories and/or articles for publication; and write regularly. This group is open to GSSFL members only.

Please see our Events page for dates and locations of meetings.

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