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Do you have ancestors from one of the twenty-six counties in the Republic of Ireland?  

Are you interested in locating your ancestors?  

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Counties in the Republic of Ireland - Click on the link for documentation for that county:

Carlow Galway Limerick            Offaly                               Wexford                      
Cavan Kerry Longford Roscommon Wicklow
Clare Kildare Louth Sligo  
Cork Kilkenny Mayo Tipperary  
Donegal Laos Meath Waterford  
Dublin Leitrim Monaghan Westmeath  

Latest on Valuation Office Cancelled Books digitization (as of 27 Jan 2017)

GRO Records

Ask About Ireland Civil Records:

  • Birth Register records for the years 1864 to 1921
  • Marriage Register records for the years 1845 to 1946
  • Death Register records for the years 1864 to 1971

Index to Townlands, 1901

Listing by John Grenham of 1911 census that is online but not transcribed, microfilmed but not online, available in hard copy only or just missing.  The listing by county can be found here.

1911 Census - small villages untranscribed but digitized - Listing here.

7 Modules to assist with beginning research in Ireland:  National Archives 2016 Family History - can be downloaded as a PDF file.

O'Kief, Coshe Mang, Slieve Lougher and Upper Blackwater in Ireland Films in Familiy HIstory Library Catalog

Names & Nicknames

Timeline of Irish Emigration

The Aliens Register 1914-1918

Non-UK citizens living in Dublin were required to register with the police.  Here is a link to the register listing those individuals.

Obituaries of the Irish From Around The World

The Genealogical Society of Ireland digitized a 77 page collection of obituaries they have of Irish people who died in places other than Ireland.  Click here to view the listing and the obituaries.

Link to Register of Church of Ireland surviving parish registers.  

Listing and map of Civil Registration districts.

Guide Sources to National Education

Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - Departure Ports from Ireland (14)

Flax Grower's article here and link to search the 1796 Flax Grower's List.

Link to Latin terms in Irish Catholic Parish Registers.

The National Army Museum has released almost 12,000 Irish Solders' Records for 1920-1922, free!  Search here.

Link to digitized ebooks per county in Ireland.

Listing of Years for Griffith's Valuation by County

Article on Ordnance Survey Memoirs

Peter Robinson Papers & Passenger Lists - In 1822, the British Government established a trial emigration scheme for Irish paupers to Upper Canada. There were two waves of emigration; one in 1823 the second in 1825.

Irish research aids prepared by Fort Myers Library:

Northern Ireland Research

Locating Irish Ancestors in the U.S.

Irish Genealogical Research

Ireland's Lost Babies - Here's a link to a very powerful article and documentary on adoptions out of Ireland.

Article on the Baby Black Market.

The Irish Identity - articles on various topics

Podcast by Brian Donovan on Police & Army records for Irish Genealogy 1836 to 1922 (55 minutes long)

​Saint John's New Brunswick Almshouse Records 1843 - 1897 - contains place of origin in Ireland

Family Search - Transcripts of memorials of deeds, conveyances and wills, 1708-1929

Registry of Deeds Project

Link to Navigating the Registry of Deeds films on Family Search.

Irish Reproductive Loan Fund

The Irish Reproductive Loan Fund was a micro credit scheme set up in 1824 to provide small loans to the 'industrious poor'. Local associations and committees administered the scheme, most often from a small town in a rural area, and county committees oversaw their work.

FamilySearch has a listing of what records have been digitized & not indexed.  They are located here.  The images for the records can be viewed with an LDS account or from a Family History Center.

FindMyPast has indexed these records and the index can be searched for free.

1973 Social Welfare Act - also known as the Unmarried Mother's Allowance

Link to statute

Article announcing the benefit.

A Timeline of Irish History on Twile

Articles on books about the Irish in Quebec:

March 13, 2017

March 14, 2017

March 17, 2017

Article on searching property in Ireland.

Prison Memory Archive - a collection of 175 filmed walk-and-talk recordings with those who had a connection with Armagh Gaol and the Maze and Long Kesh Prison during the conflict in and about Northern Ireland.

Cancelled/Revision Books:

LAP or in fee = the person who occupies the land also owns the land so look for a deed

Article on why Derry is also called Londonderry.

Article on fairs and markets in Ireland.

Obituaries Australia - Contains obituaries for Irish who died in Australia

Free Irish Books Online - Transcribed, not downloadable - on genealogies, directories

Rural Electrification of Ireland - Shows when each area became electrified.

Irish Families on the Blue Ridge Railroad - Locations and names of workers with short biographical sketches who worked along the railroad 1850-1860.

Military Archives:

Pension Applications 1916-1923

Electronic Irish Statue Book

Contacts in NYC for NYPD and NYFD employee files:



Ireland Illustrated - Ireland Illustrated, 1680-1860, is a database of over 500 images of Ireland, with accompanying text, drawn from more than 50 manuscript and printed works, and highlighting several neglected or rarely accessible sources. It provides an opportunity to examine how, in the case of Ireland, diverse representations were created in the course of two centuries.

A Primer in Irish Research

Massachusetts Catholic Order of Foresters:

Article by Joe Buggy

Digitized funeral records on FamilySearch Massachusetts, Forester Mortuary records, 1880-1935

Lost in the Public Record Office Fire:

Census records of pre-famine Ireland 1821, 1831, 1841, 1851

Transportation records back to 1700s containing petitions from prisoners pleading for clemency

Military records - details of local yeomanry back to the 1700s

Church of Ireland parish records dating back to the 1600s

Masses of land transfer records from the 1600s

Many wills dating back to the 1500s

Court records dating back to the 1200s, with details of criminal and civil cases

Ecclesiastical records - i.e., Christ Church deeds to 1174

Guinness Employee Records - 1880s - 1990s/early 2000s - Records can be searched here.

Images of 1960s Ireland

YouTube Videos of Ireland

Ireland in 1946

Ireland 1929

Galway 1937

Galway of Old

Glimpses of Erin 1934

Irish Famine Film

Pics of Old Ireland

3,000 pictures of Irish Traveling Community

PRONI Webinar Videos

Annual Celebration Dates:

  • "Imbolc" -  starts on February 1st and is the time to celebrate the coming of Spring.
  • "Bealtaine" - starts on May 1st and is the Celtic festival to signal the start of the Summer.
  • "Lughnasa" - starts on August 1st and welcomes the start of Autumn.
  • "Samhain" - starts on November 1st. It has also become known as "Halloween" around the world

AskaboutIreland maps are 10-15 years later than the Valuation maps

Poor Law - 1838 - based on a property tax


An Atlas of the Great Irish Famine by John Crowley, Wm J. Smyth and Mike Murphy shows mass evictions by landlords.

Famine Irish Passenger Record Data File 1846-1851 - 604,596 persons arriving in NY

Irish Emigrant Database - free

NY Immigration:

Ellis Island 1892-1954

Castle Garden 1820-1913

Valuation Books Explained

RIP.IE Death Notices

IrelandXO Archived Webinars

Ancient Irish Territories:

These were in existence from prehistoric times to the break-up of the Gaelic order in the 16th century:

Breffny (Breifne): Cavan and west Leitrim

Corca Laoidhe:  SW Cork

Dalriada:  North Antrim

Decies (Deise):  West Waterford

Desmond (Deasmhumhan):  Kerry and much of Cty Cork

Iar Connacht:  West Connacht, mainly Connemara

Muskerry (Muscraidhe):  NW & Central Cork

Oriel (Orghialla):  Counties Armagh & Monaghan and parts of south Down, Louth & Fermanagh

Ossory:  Approx. the same as the diocese of Ossory, i.e., Cty Kilkenny and some adjacent areas

Thomond (Tuathmhumhan):  Most of Cty Clare with adjacent parts of Counties Limerick & Tipperary

Tirconnel (Tir Chonaill):  Cty Donegal

Freeholders Records - Voting records - It was required to vote for whomever the landlord wanted you to vote for.  These are on PRONI and 1763 is the earliest date of those records.

Landed Estate records - court records - have leases for life - search on landlord's name

Land Commission - Landlords sold their estates between 1881-1935 to the government who helped farmers purchase the land - these records are not yet online - sitting in a warehouse

Folios replace land deeds

John Grenham's YouTube Channel

Listing of Irish Battles

Ireland-Australia Transportation Records - 5,517 page document - Ireland to Australia - alphabetical listing of men and woman transported, etc.

Treatment of Women and Children in 19th-Century Irish Prisons

Anglo-Irish Treaty Document Resource Pack **new 10/12/2022**

  • Biographies of the Irish and British delegates who negotiated the Anglo-Irish Treaty
  • Eight key documents relating to the negotiations and signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty
  • Timeline of events in 1921
  • Explanation of the Treaty articles
  • Research activity for Junior Cycle/Transition Year students
  • Glossary of terms
  • Online resources and further reading

Newspaper research **new 10/14/2022**

There are two subscription sites for newspapers in Ireland. 

British Newspaper Archive:  Users can search for free on FindMyPast.  FMP's search engine is better than that of BNA.

12 month subscription: £7.17/mo

3 month subscription: £9.33/mo

monthly subscription: £12.99/mo


$29/month of $149/year

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