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A Guide to Genealogy Research in Europe

Amsterdam City Archives

Amsterdam City Archives has 500,000 notarial records containing more than 2 million persons in their database.

Auschwitz Death Camp Prison Guards Database

The names of Nazi SS commanders and guards at the Auschwitz death camp in German-occupied Poland have been put online by the country’s Institute of National Remembrance (INR). It has been hailed as the most comprehensive list to date.

About 9,000 names – nearly all German – are on the Auschwitz garrison list, some with photographs attached. The INR hopes the list will prove that Auschwitz was not a Polish-run camp. More than a million people died there. The victims were overwhelmingly Jewish – but Poles, Roma and political prisoners were also murdered.

Czech Telephone Directory

Danish National Archives Website

Known historically as the Danish West Indies or Danish Antilles, it consisted of the islands of Saint Thomas, Saint John and Saint Croix. The Dutch controlled these islands from 1754 until 1917. It was transferred over to the United States on 31 March 1917.

This website contains some 5 million images of original documents, maps and drawings related to the time when the Dutch controlled the island. More than 150 volunteers have been working on digitizing these records for genealogical research. It is a treasure trove for anyone looking for ancestral records, including slave records.

Find Archives in Any Country

French Maritime Register

In French but can be translated using Google Translate.

Historical Polish American Newspapers Online

International Bomber Command Centre Digital Archive

The University of Lincoln and the Lincolnshire Bomber Command Memorial Trust have created a digital archive.

Read the online help first!

International Classification of Diseases

Listing of codes and revisions by year.

Listing of Archive Repositories

Memory of the People

WWII database helping to find lost Russian & Ukrainian families who served in the Soviet Army. This is a link to an article about this database. 

Online Card Index on Jewish Holocaust Victims

Taken from the International Tracking Service Press Release:

A card index full of stories about Jewish victims of persecution

A small proportion of the card index of the Reich Association of Jews in Germany has been published online. In addition to names, the cards contain such information as dates of birth, professions, and addresses from the period before the mass deportations of the Jewish population, which began in 1941. Hermann Göring ordered the founding of the Reich Association of Jews in Germany in 1939. All persons classified as Jews according to the Nuremberg Laws were obligated to register. The card index aided the Gestapo in organizing the deportations. Between 1947 and 1950, 32,264 cards from this index made their way into the ITS archive. They include, for example, the “Berlin school pupils index” testifying to the lives of Jewish children during persecution and containing biographical data on the children themselves and their parents as well as information on the schools they attended.

Documents on the death marches

In the late 1940s, the ITS undertook to reconstruct the death marches and compile eye-witness reports as well as maps showing the locations of graves. In 1950, the so-called “Identification Unit” was founded with the goal of giving the often unknown dead their names back. The documents on the frequently successful efforts to identify the victims of National Socialism now supplement the holdings on the death marches in the ITS’s online archive.

In the online archive of the ITS, the death marches are shown on a map with georeferenced documents. When users click the name of a town or village, the documents related to that place appear on the screen, for example the answers to questionnaires that were sent to the communities or – recently added – the material on the identification program.

Open Archives

Search the genealogical data of Dutch and Belgian archives

Paris Cemetery Records Online

The burial registers of 19 of the 20 cemeteries of Paris (the Calvary cemetery do not have any) are now available online for the period 1804 to 1970.

The registers provide access to the following information: 

   - date of death or date of burial; 

   - location and extent of burial in the cemetery concerned; 

   - place of death (district or municipality); 

   - age of the deceased.

The site contains links to annual burial directories and daily burial registers.

National Archives of Italy

Digitizing all civil registrations of births, marriages, and deaths from 1806-1940s. Although the records are in Italian, you can use the tool at FamilySearch for assistance.

Swedish National Archives

The Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names

Ukrainian Genealogical Database

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