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Ancestor Network ($)

Bureau of Military History - Defence Forces Ireland

Accounts, documents, images, audio 1913-1921.10 minute video

Cork, Ireland 1951 Vertical Aerial Photographs

GenealogyBank Irish Passenger Lists (Free)

How to add an Ancestor to the IrelandXO Chronicle Video 

Ireland Integrative Map (Free)

Ireland WWI Veterans

Over 39,000 veterans documented.

Ireland-Given Names Alternatives

Ireland's 2016 Register of Electors List (Free)

Anyone, anywhere in Ireland can be checked to learn if they registered to vote.

Ireland's Duchas Schools Collection

From 1937-1939, over 50,000 schoolchildren from 5,000 schools in the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland were given notebooks by the Irish Folklore Commission and asked to record stories from their parents, grandparents and older community members. They captured wonderful local anecdotes on the topics of folklore, customs, stories, poems, superstitions, food, place names, graveyards, and much more. Some teachers also participated, collecting their own narratives from resident sages. Approximately 740,000 pages were filled with stories.

IrelandXO Insight - Top FREE Irish Genealogy Resources 2020

Irish American Journey

Irish American heritage, history and immigration.

Irish Emigrant Database

Starting in 2001 the JFK Trust began to compile a most comprehensive database of Irish emigration to the United States, in conjunction with the Balch Institute in Philadelphia, the Ellis Island Restoration Commission in New York and the Battery Conservancy in New York.

This database is compiled directly from the original Ship’s Passenger Manifests. It records Irish, English, Scottish, and Welsh immigrants arriving at the main US ports.

For the port of New York, the database covers the years between 1846 and 1890. For Boston, Baltimore, New Orleans, and Philadelphia the database covers only the famine years between 1846 and 1851.

Access to the database is free through this website. Printouts are available for a small fee.

Irish Gleanings

Information extracted to connect people to Irish townlands

Irish in the American Civil War

Irish Migration and Settlement in Newfoundland, 1750 to 1850

Digitizing the Records of Dr. John Mannion.  The information presented in this tool may be of interest to people of Irish ancestry researching their own family history.

It allows for search and retrieval of all person and place data, with specialized mapping features and access to digital images.


Surname distribution map based on the farmers on the 1911 census.

Murphy Photographic Collection, Ballinamona House, Cashel, Co. Tipperary

In late autumn 2016 Tipperary Studies received a donation of family papers from the present owners of Ballinamona House, Cashel, the Clifton-Brown family. The papers relate to the Murphy family, previous owners of Ballinamona House. The collection contained 1,251 negative images.

While most are of Ballinamona House, grounds and family there are images from various parts of Tipperary, Ireland and England, with a lot of varied images of social life, farm animals, horses and families in and around Ballinamona. There are also several images of the Galtee mountains.

Ordnance Survey Ireland's Public Maps

Podcast: The Forgotten Irish

Stories about the Irish in the American Civil War

PRONI Historical Maps Viewer

PRONI Video on Irish Emigration


The Cork girl was who first through Ellis Island’s gates

Railway Accidents Britain & Ireland

3,800 accident cases dating from the early 20th century

RTE Ireland The Almanac Podcasts

Podcasts 10-15 minutes long about various aspects of Ireland's history.

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