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A gateway to digital collections from California's great libraries, archives and museums with over 1,150,000 images, tests and recordings. It provides free access to their collections. Calisphere is a project of the University of California Libraries and maintained by the California Digital Library.

The Online Archive of California

A digital portal to thousands of collections which provides free public access to detailed descriptions of primary resource collections maintained by more than 200 contributing institutions including libraries, special collections, archives, historical societies, and museums throughout California and collections maintained by the 10 University of California (UC) campuses.


Colorado City Directories


Stanford University's Digital Newspaper Project

The Stanford Daily Archive (Stanford University)

Chronological Coverage: 19th September 1892 to 13th June 2014


A Century of Lawmaking For a New Nation - Congressional Documents and Debates

FBI File Requests

FBI Files - Requesting Your Own File

FBI Records - The Vault

NARA Resources

National Archives DocTeach

The online tool for teaching with documents.

National Historical Railway Society

National Maritime Center Correspondence Request

Passport Photos

Railroad Genealogical Society

Unclaimed Persons


Charlotte County FL GenWeb Project

Links to cemeteries, resources and Charlotte County death index, amongst others.

Charlotte Cty (FL) Clerk of Circuit Court

Official record & deed books from 1921-present are digitized and available online.

Florida State Society of the DAR

The Florida Daughters focus on fulfilling the National Society's objectives.

Hillsborough County FL GenWeb Project

Links to Hillsborough County history, newspapers and obituary resources, railroads and county records.

Historic News Accounts of Florida

Historic News Accounts of Florida draws from the newspapers from the William and Sue Goza & Thomas and Georgine Mickler Collections. These papers were not published in Florida; however, they help complete the journalistic record for Florida.

With the exception of the East-Florida Gazette in the 1780s and a small press at Fernandina in 1817, Florida had no colonial newspapers. Even in the immediate aftermath of cession in 1821, only a few newspapers served Florida. The William and Sue Goza & Thomas and Georgine Mickler Collections' newspapers consists of stories and reports about Florida gathered together by the Goza and Mickler families and donated to the P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History. They are from non-Florida newspapers and cover events in Florida between 1762 and 1885. The articles pre-dating the Territorial Period help to "fill in" the journalistic record at a time when there was no Florida press, while the articles from after 1821 both complement and supplement news published in Florida.

This collection includes the full issues or full text for articles whenever available from the prior Mickler-Goza Newspaper Article Database, 1762-1885 (from the Collections of William and Sue Goza & Thomas and Georgine Mickler). The database included approximately 1,500 article citations and several hundred article citations with full text for the articles.

Lee County FL GenWeb Project

Links to aids & resources, obituaries, cemeteries, marriage and more!

Online Florida Death Indexes and Probate Records

Links to county resources.

Sarasota County Clerk of the Circuit Court

Deeds, mortgages, deaths, marriages, wills, probate, etc.

Venice Museum and Archives

The photos catalog contains more than 2,000 photographs from the 1800s to present.


A Genealogy Guide

Searching genealogy has become very common, with many people investing in different methods. People have different reasons for wanting to find out who their ancestors are; sometimes it’s just curiosity while other times there is a medical necessity. Whatever your reason may be, you need to be sure you know how to approach the process.

Access Genealogy

Has links to genealogy sites per state.

American Farming Newspapers

American Library Association's Preservation Videos

Free webinars on how to preserve digital photos, scrapbooks and other family treasures.

Books We Own - Free Service!

A list of resources owned/accessed by individuals who are willing to look up genealogical information and e-mail or snail mail it to others who request it.

Case Western Reserve Digital Newspapers

This collection consists of digitized versions of nine student newspaper titles held in the Case Western Reserve University Archives, including Western Reserve Collegian, Western Reserve Souvenir, The Adelbert, The Case Tech, The Reserve Weekly, The Reserve Tribune, Cleveland College Life, The Mather Record, and The Observer.

City Directory Abbreviations

Abbreviations commonly found in city directories.

Company Histories

Cyndi's List - In excess of 317,000 links!!

Digital History Timeline Map

Family Tree Relationship Chart



Indexes and/or images of worldwide genealogical records.

FamilySearch's International Genealogical Index

Freedman's Bureau Database

Emancipation freed nearly 4 million slaves. The Freedmen’s Bureau was established to help transition them from slavery to citizenship, providing food, housing, education, and medical care. And for the first time in U.S. history, the names of those individuals were systematically recorded and preserved for future generations.  Newspaper articles about Train Wrecks, Fires, Floods, Shipwrecks, Plane Crashes, Accidents and other disasters. Most of these articles list the dead and injured or missing. Use the Search Box to search for your ancestors or Browse the articles by type of disaster, state or year.  Tracing genealogy records has become a hobby for some people while for others it is an obsession. Those who have been adopted or find themselves a victim of the “system,” may have the need to find out who their parents are. This could be out of curiosity, but in many cases, it is the need to secure medical information. It can be a difficult chore if you have no idea how or where to begin your search. The Internet has made this task easier, especially with sites such as and, but they don’t always provide everything necessary to locate a person’s ancestors. Consider the following sources of information as you begin working on your genealogy.

Gen Disasters

Genealogical Acronyms

Genealogy and the Law

Genealogy Industry Benchmark Numbers 01-01-2017

Genealogy Research Guide

Genealogy Research Strategies

Genealogy Resources by Veritas Prep

Google Photo Scan

This is an app for your smart phone.

History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy

A very informative article as to 'why' genealogy is pursued as well as many useful links.

How Many of You Are There?

There are 325,180,972 people in the U.S. How many have your name?

Insane Asylum Projects

Listing of Digitized Collections on FamilySearch

Map of Global Airport Wifi Passwords

Mayflower History

Old Disease Names

Old Occupations

Online Directory Site

Organizational Chart Templates - Free

Reclaim The Records

A not-for-profit group of genealogists, historians, researchers and open government advocates dedicated to getting public data release back into the public domain.

Reclaim The Records Presentation on Freedom of Information


Mailing lists, surname lists, WorldConnect Project, transcriptions.

Royalty Free Music for Videos

Stephen P. Morse One-Step Web Pages

This web site has the capability to search Ellis Island, Castle Garden, Ports of Immigration, US Census and much more.


Surname genealogy search.

The Red Baron Film

Talk about an old film! It’s from 1917, and it’s an up-close and personal look at the most legendary combat pilot who ever lived, the infamous Red Baron, Manfred von Richthofen. It shows the Baron preparing for a mission, as well as film of him putting on a flying suit prior to a flight in cold weather. If you look closely you will also see a brief glimpse of Hermann Goering.

The Baron was shot down on 21 April 1918 by Roy Brown of the Royal Navy Air Services, long before it was called the R.A.F.

Top 100 Genealogy Sites of 2015

Top 100 Genealogy Sites of 2016

Whaling History

Explore the voyage data. Each database has a data viewer that enables you to interact with the data, search for people, vessels and voyages of interest, and then print, copy, or export what you’ve found.

Use our data. All of the databases are available as downloads for use with other tools and systems.

Submit corrections. The databases will be updated annually. Additions and corrections are welcome for both Voyages and Logbooks.

Contribute your data. We are actively interested in incorporating additional whaling history data sets. Please contact us.

Link your artifacts. In the next phase of this project, museums, libraries and other institutions will be able to link objects in their collections to our databases, enriching their catalogs and connecting them to related objects elsewhere.

Add your whaling history project to the Gallery. If you have used Whaling History data in a project, we would be interested in featuring your project in our Gallery.

What is a Dispensation Record?


Douglas Cty, GA Genealogical Society Old Photos

Georgia Historic Newspapers

The collection comprises fifty-nine cities, including Atlanta, Augusta, Macon, and Savannah. Papers of note include religious papers such as the “Christian Index,” a Baptist newspaper; the “Pacificator,” a Catholic newspaper; and the “Daily / Weekly Loyal Georgian,” the first African American newspaper in Augusta that began in 1867.

These newspapers chronicle the Civil War-era military skirmishes, battles, and activities of Georgia and other states. Local details of the war’s impact can be found, such as articles about Sherman’s March and listings of the dead from local regiments that pre-date the keeping of civil death records. Listings of deserters give the unit, age, physical description, occupation, and place of enlistment of the soldier. Other historical items document how the newly-emancipated slaves and the Freedmen’s Bureau were treated and viewed throughout Georgia.

Newspaper articles from other states were reprinted in these publications.

From the main page, one can search all the papers, select a region of the state, or browse through the papers. To access the newest additions, select the “Search” tab to use the Advanced Search options that include limiting the search by city, county, regions of the state, newspaper title, or by newspaper type, such as African American, Native American, Religion, etc. The site hosts digital newspapers from 1786 to 1986, but the dates can be limited in the Advanced Search to the 1861-1877 era in order to access the more than 159,000 available images. One can view the full newspaper page, clip sections of the paper, and read the page text if needed.


Chicago and Cook County Cemeteries

Chicago Homicides 1870-1930

Chicago, IL House Renumberings 1909

Chicago, IL Street Name Changes

Chicago’s Polish Newspaper–Dziennik Zwiazkowy (1908-1917)

Chicago's Gangland Map Circa 1927

Coal City, IL Genealogy Databases

Cemetery Index:  This index to cemetery records and other burial-related resources draws from the Will-Grundy Counties Illinois Genealogical Society collections housed by the Coal City Public Library. The index can be searched by surname. The index data fields are surname, given name, source name, and page number.

Coal Reports:  This index to the names of coal miners injured or killed in mining accidents in the First District of Illinois between 1882 and 1927 can be searched by surname. The data fields are last name, first name, incident date, source year, source page, and notes.

Quarterlies:  This index to the quarterly publications of the Will-Grundy Counties Illinois Genealogical Society can be searched by surname. The data fields in the search results are surname, given name, and volume and page number.

Obituary & Death Notice:  This index to obituaries and death notices appearing in the Coal City Courant can be searched by surname. The index data fields are last name, first name, source, obituary date, year, and age/notes. Copies of obituaries may be requested from the Coal City Library.

Choose Local History/Genealogy on the website menu.


Online International Ship Passenger Lists

International Ship Passenger Arrival and Departure Records

Pilgrim Ship Lists Early 1600's

The Ship's List

Resource links for immigration & passenger lists by countries.

Two Centuries of Immigration

This website depicts immigration patterns as a video.


Allen County Genealogy Center - Our Military Heritage

Allen County Library Digitized Items on

Allen County Public Library’s Community Album

The Community Album consists of 110 individual collections, which focus on telling the story of the places and people of Allen County, Indiana. There are many ways to explore this resource, which as of now contains more than 64,000 photographs and documents. To peruse the entire collection, select BROWSE from the drop down menu, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen. From here, you can utilize the SEARCH box to look for people, places, events, and more.

Allen County Public Library's YouTube Channel

If you've missed any of their Tuesday or Thursday webinars, you can find them here.

Free Indiana County Databases

Covering cemeteries, schools, universities, among others. The list of databases can be found here: The link to the databases is below.

IN Genealogical Society - 2,000 Free Databases


Historical Iowa City Newspapers


New Orleans Catholic Cemeteries Burial Search

The Archdiocese of New Orleans has made a burial records database available on its website. The records cover burials in seven cemeteries: St. Charles, St. Joseph, St. Louis, St. Mary, St. Patrick, St. Roch, and St. Vincent de Paul.


Prisoners held at the Maine State Prison in 1879


Gunston Hall Plantation Probate Inventory Database

MD families circa 1740-1810: Court records for George Mason of Gunston Hall (1725-1792). 325 transcribed estate inventories and related from nearby counties. The entire database can be downloaded as a zip file. There is also a PDF file explaining the listing of detail entries in the database.


Boston City Directories

Digital Worcester

DW is a digital public history clearinghouse established by the Worcester Historical Museum and Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Department of Humanities and Arts. It works with cooperating institutions to digitize, preserve and publish historical materials online and to collaboratively code big historical data through crowdsourcing activities.

Tewksbury State Almhouse, MA Intake Records

This collection consists of digitized patient intake records from the Tewksbury State Almshouse dating primarily from 1860 to 1884. These records consist of hand-written interviews with patients at the time of admittance. In total, 24,000 records are now available here from the original ledgers plus another 18,000 from the microfilm. All records are searchable by name, age, gender, birthplace, race, and year of admittance. In addition, over 1,000 alias names have been added and nearly 800 birth records have been cross referenced with their mother's admittance records. This can be a source for Irish ancestors.


Digitized U of Michigan Student Newspapers

The University of Michigan has created a digital archive of its student newspaper, The Michigan Daily, from 1890 to 2014, but this is no ordinary student publication. In addition to campus news, the newspaper has covered state, national, and international news. The newspaper databased is expected to be updated annually.  The student newspaper at the University of Michigan.


St Louis, MO Digital Directories


Montana's Digitized The Mineral Independent

The Mineral Independent is now available from June 1915 through December 1932. 


Obituaries by State

Online U.S. Catholic Parish Registers 2017 List

New Jersey

Atlantic Cty Library (NJ) Digitized Newspapers

Over 5,000 newspapers covering Atlantic County happenings, dating from 1860-1923. Inside pages usually covered national news as well.

Atlantic Journal -- 1860

Hammonton Farmer -- 1863 and 1866

South Jersey Republican -- 1863-1923

Atlantic Democrat and Cape May County Register -- 1864-1865

Atlantic Democrat and Cumberland County Patriot -- 1866

Atlantic Democrat -- 1867-1868

Hammonton Item -- 1872-1877

Mays Landing Record -- 1877-1906

Atlantic County Record -- 1908-1917

South Jersey Star -- 1917-1923

History of Camden County, New Jersey

New Brunswick 1966 Death Certificates

The Provincial Archives of New Brunswick released the Index to Death Certificates for 1966 - 4,863 records. The 1918-1966 Death Certificates collection now holds more than 230,000 records.

Currently there is no image available for the 1965 & 1966 death certificates, but the index includes the person's name, sex, date and location of death, registration and volume numbers, and microfilm number. You can contact the provincial archives from the indexed item about how to obtain a complete copy of the record.

Images of deaths before 1965 will are available to view and download.

NJ Death Index

A free searchable database of 1,275,833 deaths in the state of New Jersey between 2001-2017, and over 500,000 free digitized images of the death index for the years 1901-1903, 1920-1929, and 1949-2000.

NJ Digitized Newspapers

NJ Marriage Index 1901-2016

New York

1940s NYC

Archives of the Archdiocese of NY

Calvary Cemetery, Queens, NY Drone Footage

Ellis Island Passenger Links

Ephemeral New York

A website about old New York City.

Free Online New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1897

History of Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Hudson River Valley Heritage Historical Newspapers

Chronological Coverage: 24th March 1831 to 5th December 2013

Publication Coverage: 34 titles

Geographical Coverage: 5 counties of the New York State, US

New York City marriage indexes, New Jersey birth indexes, New Jersey marriage indexes and List of Registered Voters in New York City. All free!!

Hudson Valley (NY) Digital Newspapers

Info on the Irish and Roman Catholic Priests in Brooklyn

InternetArchive - Reclaim the Records Data

Long Island Advance:  Index to Birth, Marriage, and Death Announcements

Established in 1871, the Long Island Advance weekly newspaper was previously published as Advance and the Patchogue Advance. Library volunteers extracted birth, marriage, and death announcements from 1879 through 1926 to create the online index.  It is indexed and linked to digital images of the subscription books. The books contain names and home address of concert goers. This may be a great resource for someone with ancestors in New York City.

Manhattan Social Blue Book 1930

New York Heritage

New York Heritage Digital Collections

New York Philharmonic Subscribers 1883-1907

It is indexed and linked to digital images of the subscription books. The books contain names and home address of concert goers. This may be a great resource for someone with ancestors in New York City.

New York Public Library Digital Collection

NY Historical Museum & Library

NY Historical Timeline 1497-1790

NYC Almshouse Ledgers

Digitized and online for free to browse, download or print. Note, these are not indexed.

NYC Census Fact Finder

The New York City Census FactFinder (NYC CFF) provides easy access to U. S. Census Bureau population information for New York City. To begin a search choose the type of geographic area you want to profile (census tract or Neighborhood Tabulation Area). Then pick your location. You can search by address, intersection, place of interest, census tract, subway station, or neighborhood. Alternatively, you can simply use the select tool on the interactive map to choose a census tract or Neighborhood Tabulation Area to be profiled. Multiple census tracts can be selected using the buffer tool or by using the select tool and the control key together.  In the Topic column on the right side, click on List of Registered Voters.

NYC List of Registered Voters 1924

In the Topic column on the right side, click on List of Registered Voters.

NYC Marriage Index 1950-1995

NYC Marriage Indexes from Reclaim Thru 1937

NYC Marriage License Online Order Form

NYC Registered Voters in 1880

NYS Historic Newspapers

Patchogue, NY Area World War One Veterans Survey

This is a valuable public record of a locale’s (the Patchogue area of Long Island, N.Y.’s) military participation in the First World War. Following the Armistice (11/11/1918), a short, 9-point survey was sent to veterans. Responses were returned well before official U.S. declarations of peace (8/24-25/1921). While the experiences recounted may not be entirely unique to the world, at large, they (and photo portraits) are unique to the individual, inform family history and are of community interest, and reflect participation in matters of local, regional, state, national, and international significance. Here, you’ll find 225 named individuals, represented by 319 searchable records, digitized, transcribed, with added notes and related links, made generally available to the public for the first time since they were created, bound in a scrapbook, part of a larger survey.

Prelinger's Archives

Prelinger Archives was founded in 1983 by Rick Prelinger in New York City. Over the next twenty years, it grew into a collection of over 60,000 "ephemeral" (advertising, educational, industrial, and amateur) films. In 2002, the film collection was acquired by the Library of Congress, Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division. Prelinger Archives remains in existence, holding approximately 11,000 digitized and videotape titles (all originally derived from film) and a large collection of home movies, amateur and industrial films acquired since 2002. Its primary collection emphasis has turned toward home movies and amateur films, with approximately 12,000 items held as of Spring 2015. Its goal remains to collect, preserve, and facilitate access to films of historic significance that haven't been collected elsewhere. Included are films produced by and for many hundreds of important US corporations, nonprofit organizations, trade associations, community and interest groups, and educational institutions. Getty Images represents the collection for stock footage sale, and over 6,400 items (representing approximately 4,800 distinct films) are available here. 

Priests in the Catholic Archdiocese of New York

Street View of 1940s New York

Between 1939 and 1941, the Works Progress Administration collaborated with the New York City Tax Department to collect photographs of every building in the five boroughs of New York City. In 2018, the NYC Municipal Archives completed the digitization and tagging of these photos. This website places them on a map.

Zoom in! Every dot is a photo.

The History of Ellis Island

The Irish Mission at Watson House (NYC)

This collection includes fully searchable records of the Irish Mission at Watson House 1883-1954. Additional records are added periodically, so please consider revisiting your search.

The New York State Death Index, 1880-1956

This death index covers 1880-1956, which is seventy-seven years! Here are some things to keep in mind:

- 1880 and 1881 have very limited data, as the state law requiring reporting deaths to the state didn't have great compliance at first.

- 1943 is, unfortunately, extremely hard to read, and we don't know if any better copy exists. If there is, we'll go after it with a new FOIL request and scan it.

- New York City deaths are, for the most part, not included in this statewide death index. That's because New York City and New York State are completely different vital records jurisdictions. However, some deaths that were in neighborhoods that are part of modern-day New York City -- such as Flushing (Queens) or Canarsie (Brooklyn) -- do show up in the pre-1897/1898 statewide death index! That's because they weren't incorporated as part of the city yet at the time they were recorded.

- Three major cities are not included in this statewide death index until 1914 or 1915: Yonkers, Buffalo, and Albany. Reclaim The Records will be making three new and separate FOIL requests to those city clerks for the first-ever public copies of their 1880-1914 death indices, in order to complete the missing data.

- Finally, there is some disagreement over whether people who died at state-run mental institutions or developmental disability institutions were correctly included in the statewide death index.

The Statue of Liberty - The History of Ellis Island

Utica College's The Tangerine 1946-2012

North Carolina

North Carolina Digitized City Directories

North Carolina Tax Lists and Records


Oklahoma Birth & Death Indexes

OK Dept of Health has put online their birth and death index! Included is limited information on births occurring more than 20 years ago and deaths occurring more than 5 years ago.


Oregon Historical Society Digital Database

Oregon Pioneer Journals


668,000 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA Cemetery Links

Carlisle Indian School (PA) Cemetery Information Database

Database of Anthracite Accidents from 1899-1972 & Bituminous Accidents from 1899-1972

Report Of The Commission To Locate The Site Of The Frontier Forts Of Pennsylvania


Utah State Universities Digital History Collections


Free Online VT Newspapers

This requires registration for a user ID and password. Newspapers from 1700s through 1922 are digitized.


Gunston Hall Plantation Probate Inventory Database

VA families circa 1740-1810: Court records for George Mason of Gunston Hall (1725-1792). 325 transcribed estate inventories and related from nearby counties. The entire database can be downloaded as a zip file. There is also a PDF file explaining the listing of detail entries in the database.

Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA Burial Search


Washington Digital Newspapers

Washington Univ School of Medicine St Louis Yearbooks

The Hatchet was the Washington University yearbook for over 100 years. It was first published in 1903 and the last volume was printed in 2011. The Bernard Becker Medical Library provides online access to all the yearbooks printed between 1903 to 1928.

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